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Gay clubs Sasebo 2008/7/24 19:12
Are there any gay clubs in Sasebo or places for gay guys to meet online or out?
by Ryan  

no 2008/8/1 21:36
no - in fact, im having trouble finding anything at all on Kyushu. I went to one place in Fukuoka and it was the typical small tiny bars that older men go to. kinda disappointing, but unsurprising.
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There was 2008/10/13 19:13
Sasebo back in the 90s had at least 3 gay bars, one of which was called Nyoki Nyoki. I'm sure there's one there now.
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Not Really 2009/7/21 04:59
I have not been able to break into that scene, but if you are in the area we can discreetely meet! okwantsfun (at) yahoo. Hit me up!
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