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Ferry Japan-Okinawa-Taiwan 2008/7/25 23:11
My travelroute is Vienna-Moscov-Vladivostok-Japan(four weeks)-Okinawa-Taiwan

I have checked al transprtation excluding the ferry between Japan and Taiwan!
Has anyone a tip about ferries at that line.
I only know "Arimura" but I heard that this company gave up.
Thank you and nice greetings form Vienna
by Marcus  

... 2008/7/26 00:08
That's right. The ferry between Okinawa and Taiwan went bankrupt and stopped operation.

But there are flights between Naha Airport and Taiwan.
by Uji rate this post as useful

arimura bankrupt? 2008/10/26 03:08
Is it really true that Arimura connection between Okinawa and Taiwan has been abolished permanently? I am a travel writer and have been promoting that route for more than 10 years.
by Tapani Jussila rate this post as useful

... 2008/10/26 08:02
Yes, as of June 6, 2008, the service has been discontinued. It is likely to be permanent, I am afraid, unless a major investor can be found or a different company starts service on that route.
by Uji rate this post as useful

I'm trying ... 2009/2/5 18:50
I am currently in Okinawa, looking for a boat to Taiwan. Last year, a newspaper announced that a ferry between Yonaguni (the Western-most island of Japan) and Karen in Taiwan would start in Dec 2008. However, today I called what I think is the tourist office in Yonaguni, and they didn't know about this. I will keep you posted on how it goes, and please please let me know if you find a solution as how to get to Taiwan without flying :)
by Harald (guest) rate this post as useful

Thanks 2009/3/23 22:32
Thanks Harald, please keep trying, many more de-winged travelers out there who want this route to remain...
by Louise Rouse (guest) rate this post as useful

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