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Sake Bottles at Shrines 2008/7/26 11:23
Often, when I visit a shrine or statues, there are empty Sake bottles laid at their feet as offerings (I'm assuming). I was wondering if this was considered rude or not. One of my friends told me that this was like leaving empty beer cans in a church. I disagreed, but wanted to find out for sure. Thank you.
by Sam  

... 2008/7/26 15:14
I have never seen it.

Offerings to Shinto deities are usually real food and full bottles rather than empty bottles.
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osonaemono 2008/7/26 15:21
Was it empty? If it's sake bottle then it was meant to be osonae offering but it should be a full bottle. Maybe someone had a sip :)
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. 2008/7/26 16:58
I agree with Sam's friend. Why would god want a bottle. There must be someone in the neighborhood who is too stuborn to return it to the liquor shop or cannot wake up before bottle waste collecting hours.
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not the norm 2008/7/26 20:28
I've only seen full, unopened bottles. If there were empty ones you may find the local alcoholic is responsible...
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