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prepaid phones in Kansai 2008/7/26 21:45
I went to three softbank stores today. Yodobashi near Osaka station said they dont have them at this time. Two locations in Kyoto said they dont carry them and dont know which stores do.

Which specific store carries prepaid phones?
by yokoyoko  

. 2008/7/27 11:33
Had the same deal in Tokyo, I was trying to get a prepaid phone for a friend of mine, since they are only a short-termer, almost every MAJOR shop in Tokyo, had no prepaid phones, I'm talking about the major shops, like the one near Harajuku and in Roppongi. Wasn't until we got to a small shop in Shinjuku that we lucked out. I was speaking to the guy at the Shinjuku shop, he was saying how the government had made and is making prepaid phones even harder to get, that stores are stocking down lower, also many phone companies have discount plans now (like softbank's whiteplan, which is pretty affordable and what I use), that prepaid phones purchasers have gotten lower.

Now that was Tokyo, you're out there in Kansai. Another location that carries prepaid phones are convenience stores, you might give some a try, like SUNKUST stores, but the more you speak Japanese the better when going through combini's.
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