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Gifts to give when getting married? 2008/7/28 00:38
Ohayo gozaimasu,

My sister and her boyfriend are getting engaged in August 23, 2008 for an August 23, 2010 Shinto wedding which I have been asked to play one of two Miko Priestesses in the ceremony since Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada does not have a Shinto Shrine to have the wedding at.
I want to know what gifts should I get for my sister and her boyfriend when they get married?
I was thinking of getting them some Japanese plates or perhaps a Saki set. But I believe they have that already. But would that be good even though they already have it or should I consider something else that would be proper?
Please help me,

Domo arigato
by Beth  

Wedding gifts 2008/7/28 10:13

The "proper" Japanese gift would be cash, but if that is not the norm in your country, give something that you think they would actually appreciate, rather than something that is Japanese just for the sake of it.
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Give Canadian 2008/7/28 10:13
Beth, I am assuming you are Canadian and the wedding will be held in Canada.

Then give them a Canadian plate and Canadian wine set! You are the expert on Canada, not Japan, and they would love to have something from the country you know about. They would recieve plenty of Japanese gifts from the Japanese friends and family. Me and my friends, those who married non-Japanese included, envy people who get to get authentic foreign gifts from foreign relatives.
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They are Anime lovers. 2008/8/24 13:17
So I have learned what Animes that they like and don't have in their collection. I have made purchase of the Anime for their engagement gift, which I gave to them tonight. I will see what other Anime that they would like come 2010.

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