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Tokyo Metro Map, where can i get it? 2008/7/28 13:53
Hi all,
Where can i get the physical FREE copy of Tokyo Metro Map? Its shows all the train line, every 23 district in Tokyo. I saw it once before but i dunno where that fellow got it. Any one knows please HELP. Cheers!
by ayinchan  

Map 2008/7/28 14:44

Ask at the manned gate at any Tokyo Metro station.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

Manned gate? 2008/7/28 14:50
Wheres actually i quit dull in Tokyo, need to tell me in details..
thanks and sorry.
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ask the man at the gates 2008/7/28 14:55
Next to the ticket gates somewhere at any metro station, you will see a man in a uniform at a window. That's what Dave means by manned gate. Ask that guy in the uniform.

Be aware that those maps only show the Metro Lines, not all the train lines in Tokyo. If you want a map of all the train lines you will probably have to buy one at a bookshop.
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great explanation!!! 2008/7/28 14:57
Cheers Sira, really cool answer!
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here 2008/7/28 22:50
Hey's a couple of links to see maps online. One is for the train the other is for the subway.

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