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Professional Etiquette? 2008/7/28 19:17
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm a psychologist presenting in Tokyo in a week on child abuse, including childhood sexual abuse. Is it taboo to discuss this topic? How will my audience respond to a typical Western style presentation and what tips can anyone give me not to offend the attendees?
by Janine Shelby  

Presentation 2008/7/29 10:48

This is not a subject I know much about, but let me write my 2 yen's worth anyway...
I don't think the subject is any more or less taboo than in the west. It's probably not something people would feel comfortable discussing with friends, but if this is a professional presentation, then I don't see why you shouldn't handle it any differently than you would in your own country.
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yoji-gyakutai & yoji-seiteki-gyakutai 2008/7/29 16:44
The subjects are so common I don't know where to start. You see reports, discussions and information everywhere, on the news, papers, magazines and internet. People are so sensitive that the society doesn't allow you to spank your kids any more. I'm not sure what "a typical Western style presentation" is, but I'm sure you were hosted for a reason. Why not explain the gist of your presentation to the host to see if they have anything to say about it.
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thanks 2008/7/30 09:56
I appreciate your comments.
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