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How can I politely tell my friend. 2008/7/30 19:46
I communicate to my friend in Japanese and he replys very obviously by using an online translator. Sadly when he's trying to explain that he's intolerent to milk and explaining what happens if he drinks it, the translator he uses is no good whatsoever. Is there a way to tell him that he should speak Japanese because Translators are awful, but politely without offending him?

I could probably understand him, if he were to type in Japanese.
by Oppaidaisuki  

tell him 2008/7/31 15:37
How about asking him to help you practice your Japanese by typing in Japanese? you could also correct his "mis-translated" English. How else is he going to learn? When one of my colleagues was learning French he would try a new sentence or expression everyday. Many times he used the wrong word because his basic dictionary didn't have all the different uses and meanings of that word. He was happy--not upset--to be set right. For example "mon petit chou" in French doesn't mean my little cabbage (chou = cabbage)but my little cream puff! (cream puff = chou a la creme)
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I agree 2008/7/31 20:03
Yes, tell him. I don't think he'd be offended as it is kinder for you and much more beneficial for him to tell him the truth than not to.

This is a bit like telling someone they've got spinach in their teeth...It may be awkward, but I'd rather have someone tell me than walking around without knowing and embarrassing myself!
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