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average marriage age in japan now 2008 ? 2008/7/31 09:35
I am a chinese girl and plan to go to Japan in 2009 for work after i graduate from University however i feel that i may be too old ( il be age 25 )
by Winnie  

Confused 2008/7/31 18:33
Too old for working there or too old for marriage? So you plan to find a husband while you're there?
by kaya rate this post as useful

... 2008/7/31 18:41
Average first marriage age for women in Japan seems to be around 28 - 29 a few years ago. It's been gradually getting later and later.

If your concern is if you are "young enough" to meet people in Japan, I'd say yes, don't worry about it. But before that, I hope you find a rewarding, good job/career opportunity here! :)
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haaaha 2008/8/1 04:59
25 too old!? gimme a break!

however you will probably feel old in shibuya or harajuku. i'm 22 and feel ancient every time i go there. it's overrun with very pretty teens. bah! i need a time machine.
by winterwolf rate this post as useful

No matter how old 2008/8/1 10:14
Which do you want? Work or marriage?
Why are you coming to Japan???
Anyway, Japan's economical situation's getting worse year by year.
You suppose get a good job in China, not in Japan.
by n-rosa rate this post as useful

that is wrong 2008/8/1 20:30
japan's economic situation has been getting steadily better for the last several years.
by winterwolf rate this post as useful

growth period 2008/8/1 21:26
That's true. At least up until last year, Japan experienced its longest sustained period of economic growth since the Second World War, so the economy is by no means getting worse year by year.
by Sira rate this post as useful

baburu hokai 2008/8/2 02:57
I thought the big "bubble" of economic growth exploded in the early 90s, and after that economy had been getting worse and worse, but the news is telling us that it is steady now or even getting better. Anyway, how the economy affects your life depends on what you work for and what kind of lifestyle you have. For some people, it's still getting tougher, and for others it's getting better or hasn't changed.

Back to the topic, like everyone else, I don't understand the original question, but in Japan, 25 is a typical age to start a second job and also a typical age to start looking for a spouse. I don't understand what you'd be "too old" for. Well, you might be getting too old for modeling or something.
by Uco rate this post as useful

re 2008/8/2 07:24
Thanks for all the answers . well im planning to settle in japan with work , marriage, life etc therefore i wanted to know whether starting a new life there at 25 would be too late.
by Winnie rate this post as useful

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