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bring ipod to onsen? 2008/7/31 12:09
I have a waterproof case for my ipod.
Would people find it offensive if I brought it to listen to in an onsen?
I wouldn't put it in the water, just by the side of the onsen.

Thanks in advance
by cas  

I-pod 2008/7/31 15:23
I can't really comment on that though it does seem a very unusual idea. Isn't the idea behind using an onsen to totally relax and forget all the nonsense we are surrounded by? What I can definitely say is that many I-Pod users aren't aware of how loud they to those around them. I can't count the number of time when someone has to remind an I-Pod listener in the rapid transit, bus etc. to turn it way down as all the passengers nearby are inconvenienced.
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iPod 2008/7/31 16:29
I would feel that it was weird and that it would distract me from my onsen experience, even if I couldn't hear the music. But as Monkey see mentioned, even with in-ear headphones, the music often is slightly audible for the others, especially in a quiet area as an onsen.
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What? 2008/7/31 16:33
People do come up with interesting and strange ideas... :) To put it plain, I would find it a nuisance if someone walked in and started listening to music on ipod in an onsen - yes, sound definitely does leak. And having a device put on the rim of the big bathtub... that "looks" kinda un-safe, and people might step on it too. Don't forget that there would be very nearsighted co-bathers, who remove their eyeglasses when they come into onsen!
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Is it waterproof? 2008/7/31 17:59
An onsen is basically a bathroom. The floor of the room and edges of the tub are usually completely wet, there is a lot of steam. Remember that you also have to shower before you get in the onsen, and there is a lot of water spraying about in that area- I can't think of anywhere you could put an iPod where it wouldn't get wet/ affected by the high humidity.

You could try it, but you would look a bit odd and I'm betting it's not going to be good for your iPod- I don't think they are making waterproof ones yet, are they?
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thank you for the responses 2008/8/1 05:01
Thank you for the responses.
I forgot that the music might leak out and distract others so it's probably better not to bring it. Yah, I don't want anyone stepping on it either.

Sira: the ipod isn't waterproof, but you put it in a case that's waterproof like the ones they sell for digital cameras.

Thanks again everyone.
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