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cost of skiing in japan 2008/7/31 13:54
i would like to know where can i go skiing in early december in japan .how much would be the cost right from lessons to daily life, including rental costs n accomodation?
by deepika fuloria  

Hokkaido 2008/9/26 21:02
In early December you might be able to ski in Hokkaido if the snow cooperates. If you have your own ski eqpt and wear, ski lift tickets should cost about 3000 yen/day.
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... 2008/9/27 11:19
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skilling in nagano 2008/9/30 15:35
What about skiing in Nagano in mid dec possible? any snow fall in early dec period there???
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wish for snowfall! 2008/9/30 23:23
It depends on the climate.Some major ski grounds in Nagano like Nozawa,Hakuba and Shiga-Kogen are supposed to open (partially) early Dec,but it is sometimes suspended because of lack of snowfall.
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stay away 2008/10/1 01:26
i would recommend staying away from most places in hokkaido and aomori for safety's sake. you'll kill yourself if you're new to skiing and try something like hakkouda in aomori. a lot of the slopes in hokkaido are not much better for beginners though there are some beginner friendly places to be found. the more tourist populated places in nagano and the like are going to be a better place to learn how to ski though.
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?? 2008/10/1 12:06
winterwolf, I'm afraid that advice not to learn to ski in northern Japan doesn't make any sense to me.
You haven't actually said WHY, and did you actually mean they would kill themselves figuratively or literally?

There are beginners slopes in Hokkaido, and there is no particular reason not to learn there.
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... 2008/10/1 13:26
I'm also going to have to disagree with winterwolf on this one. While I haven't been to Aomori yet, I have snowboarded extensively throughout Nagano, Niigata, Gunma, and Hokkaido.

I've visited all these places with beginners in tow and find that the ski resorts in each area are very comparable to each other and to the snowboarding I've done California.

Every resort has its beginner runs, and I think Hokkaido in particular would be a great place to learn to ski/snowboard as there are a large number of English speaking instructors at the major resorts such as Niseko.


To the OP,

The ski resort pages on this site such as Niseko (linked above), Yuzawa, and Hakuba have information on rental packages and ticket information. They will likely answer many of your questions.



This page on where to find snow in Japan may help you out:


as well as this website that has information on all the resorts in Japan:

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