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Can I go to a club and not drink? 2008/7/31 18:36
Hi. I will be going to Tokyo in two weeks, and I would like to see the club scene. However, I am not old enough to drink. I My question is, can I go to a club and not drink, and if so, which clubs are recomended? Thanks in advance!
by Ben  

Tokyo Clubs 2008/7/31 23:11
The leagal drinking age and legal age of being an adult in Japan is 20 but the laws regarding alcohol consumption is really lax in Japan and they will almost never card you buying drinks at a bar or convinient store.

That being said, the clubs in Tokyo have been cracking down lately on underage kids entering and a lot of places will now card you upon entry.

Not every club will card you but if you look really young they might.
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Great 2008/8/1 06:15
Alright, so there's that as a possibility. Would you recommend any clubs with a younger crowd?
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What kind of ID? 2008/8/2 17:09
I'm going to be traveling to Japan in September this year. Am I to bring my passport to the club to show i'm the right age? That would be awkward. What kind of ID do they ask for for foreigners?
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pasport 2008/8/2 17:12
I think it would be a good idea to always carry your passport on you. Losing that is never good, and I know some things like getting a cell phone require them.
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To be more precise 2008/8/2 22:38
All foreigners are required to carry a passport (or gaikokujin card for foreign residents) at all times anyway.
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