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underground music, good soccer players 2008/8/2 13:58
Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if there are any underground music venues near Kanazawa?
I'm having a tuff time deciding where to live and Kanazawa is beautiful, but I'm into the alternative rock and metal music, so I don't want to travel long distances everytime there's an awesome gig on. But in saying that, I also play soccer and want to live in a place where there are green fields to play on, or even indoor centres. Does anyone know where the best footballers come from in Japan? Any reccommendations as to a place to live that has good soccer venues (both indoor and outdoor), has great music venues and is near a city, or am I dreaming of a utpoia?
by jake  

Football 2008/8/3 08:24

If music is important to you then, then Tokyo is probably where you want to be. If football is important, then maybe you should look at Shizuoka - the football centre of Japan. But if you want to play on green turf, then Japan is not the place to come. Outside the main stadiums, football is normally played on cinder pitches.
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i know i know 2008/8/3 14:24
I know about the pitches. When I lived in Ube (Yamaguchi), we had to play on that stuff, man it took me such a long time to get used to, then I had to leave HA HA!
But, I also understand that Tokyo is the best place for music. That's my conundrum- what to sacrifice, or what to compromise.
Dave, what's Saitama like as a place to live? Urawa Reds are my fave football team, so I was wondering what the city is like. What is the weather like, how many foreigners, crime rate etc, etc.
I guess sooner or later, I'm just gonna have to bite the bullet and decide on a place to live.
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Saitama 2008/8/4 14:04

My view is that Saitama is a good compromise in that it is close enough to Tokyo and all it has to offer without actually having to live there and being driven crazy in the process.
There is probably also a higher than average level of enthusiasm for football here, so it could increase your chances of finding an amateur team or club.
I'm not aware that the foreign population or crime rate differs much from any other of the other prefectures outside Tokyo.
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