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Table etiquette question 2008/8/3 05:28
What to do if you happen not to like something you are served in the case of a kaiseki dinner, for example? What is the polite way to react?
One of us does not eat seafood (other than fish) - what do we do if it happens to be served?
by Aga&Wil  

... 2008/8/3 16:20
The polite way is to try it, except if you are allergic to it or if it just looks too grotesque to you. If you cannot eat it, the polite way is to just leave it. It can't be helped.

In kaiseki ryori lots of the ingredients cannot even be identified by the untrained guest. You might be eating seafood when you think it is a vegetable. And you end up liking it despite it being some type of seafood.

However, if your friend happens to be an extremely picky eater, it might be better to consult with the restaurant before you go, or not to visit certain restaurants, at all.

No offense intended, but "not eating seafood except fish" sounds like your friend is just ignorant about the different types of seafood. There are so many types of it from easy to eat things (like seaweed) to very difficult to eat things (like fish sperm), that it is simply impossible to dislike all of them, especially considering the fact he/she can eat fish.

Often such "dislikings" are also based on bad experiences with bad "Japanese food" served outside of Japan.

Of course, if your friend has a food allergy, it is a completely different story.
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more on seafood... 2008/8/4 04:17
No offense taken, Uji! And thank you for the advice. OF COURSE we are ignorant about seafood as served in Japan, having never been there...
Maybe what I said sounded too orthodox but the fact is that the oysters, mussels, shrimps etc that I have tasted so far (I do always taste!), some of them in very good restaurants in Europe, have not appealed to me. I hope that our visit to Japan will be an eye-opener in this regard!
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seafood 2008/8/4 22:32
I detest most seafood, shellfish in particular. but I was taken out by my boss' wife to an expensive kaiseki restaurant a few years ago. What could I do but try to look like I was enjoying it while I choked it down? Kaiseki tends to include a lot of seafood, so if you don't like seafood, it is probably best to avoid kaiseki.

If you are taken there by someone as a treat then if you possibly can it's better to try to eat some of everything to avoid causing offense/ disappointment.
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meal 2008/8/5 01:34
Unless someone invite you for a Kaiseki meal and you can't find an excuse to bow out of it,like pretending you have allergies etc. it is best not to order one as you already know that you and/or your friend are likely not to enjoy some/ most of the food?
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