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English subtitles on Japanese DVDs 2008/8/5 19:49
I live in Australia, but will be visiting Japan later this year. I am a huge Anime fan, and am frustrated by the lack of titles available in Australia. I have an all region DVD player, and a TV that shows NTSC as well as PAL, so I am wondering if there is a way to know if a DVD purchased in Japan will have English subtitles.... can anyone help me??
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... 2008/8/5 20:41
I am also a huge fan of Anime and other Japanese DVD's. I have purchased many in Japan and also ordered many online and they have all come with English subtitles
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English subtitles 2008/8/5 20:56
Not all Japanese DVDs have English subtitles, especially the TV series but check for the following kanji on the back of the DVD where they usually list the sound and subtitle tracks: p
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DVD'S 2008/8/6 03:39
Great question. Im in the same boat. I don't read japanese so its hard to know what to look out for. if anyone could write the japanese translation for ''ENGLISH SUBTITLES'' then im sure this would help a great deal. thanks
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subtitles 2008/8/6 16:52
See post above yours: DVDs that have English subtitles will show the kanji p under the supported subtitles
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. 2008/8/6 22:47
pꎚ English subtitles
pꉹ English dubbing
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Awesome! Thanks for your help! 2008/8/7 16:47
Terrific! I'm sorted now...look out dvd shops, here I come!!! (seriously I won't be buying that many ;)
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. 2008/8/7 21:25
From my experience, most won't have English subtitles.

Usually the major Japanese movie DVDs (to include major Anime DVD movies) might have English/Chinese subtitles. But regular television show DVD releases etc usually will not.
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Check online first 2008/8/7 22:25
You can check the subtitles and prices in advance from websites like cdjapan.co.jp or amazon.co.jp that sell Japanese DVDs.

I don't know how the prices are in Australia, but DVDs in Japan are REALLY expensive. You can find used DVDs in great condition from Book Off which is a store selling used DVDs, CDs, books (A LOT of manga), but even used DVDs in Japan are still expensive IMO.

I've bought some anime DVDs from Japan, and I've never seen a TV anime DVD that has had English subtitles. Very popular movies such as anything by Ghibli are likely to have them though.

If you have a region free DVD player, why not try buying anime DVDs from the US. They're almost always subtitled, and the selection is great. There are some online stores, such as dvdpacific.com, that offer reasonable international shipping.
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thanks 2008/8/10 05:00
Many thanks guys for the info.
Take care
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Thanks heaps guys!! 2008/8/10 10:43
That's terrific info..it seems my addiction will be fed!!
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