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Narita Airport to Fukuoka 2008/8/7 00:54
What is the fastest way to get to Fukuoka from Narita Airport (arrival from U.S.)? Can I take the Nozomi from Tokyo? This would be 3 p.m. on a Sunday.
by Joe  

... 2008/8/7 01:16
The fastest way would be to take a flight from Narita to Fukuoka. ANA has a departure at 17:55. JAL at 19:55.

Other options:
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Train 2008/8/7 03:33
Are there any direct trains to Fukuoka? When doing a train route search (, I did not see the Nozomi listed.
by Joe rate this post as useful

. 2008/8/7 06:04
You might want to fly instead of catching a train. It's another long haul trip.

Japan airpass info:

Airlines' booking sites:

You could book a ticket on the 'Tabiwari' fares on the ANA site, even though the site states people from foreign countries can't use the site. When I contacted ANA, they have convinced me that it's possible just by filling out the contact # blank with your hotel's in Japan.
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Skymark 2008/8/7 07:43
For Skymark, it would have been more expensive and taken longer.
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Nozomi 2008/8/7 07:51

It depends on the time of day, but there are generally two direct Nozomi trains per hour from Tokyo to Hakata (Fukuoka). The journey takes 5 hours.
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Nozomi 2008/8/7 08:36
Just Tokyo for the Nozomi train? It's east Tokyo, right?
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Nozomi 2008/8/7 08:47

You can catch the Nozomi shinkansen from either Tokyo station or Shinagawa. If you are coming from Narita Airport, the change between Narita Express and Shinkansen is actually easier to make at Shinagawa station because the Narita Express platforms at Tokyo station are underground and quite a walk from the shinkansen platforms.
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. 2008/8/7 09:35
For Skymark, it would have been more expensive and taken longer.

Huh? It's utter nonsense.
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