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Shampoo 2008/8/7 06:36
Can anyone tell me what kind of shampoo Japanese guys like to use. Especially those feminine looking guys with their bangs below their ears? It always amazes me how good their hair looks.
by Joe  

hair 2008/8/7 11:34
Well, I'm a Japanese guy and I use Naive (aloe), which is a pretty basic and inexpensive brand marketed as a 'family brand'. It's made by Kracie, formerly Kanebo home products. I live in the US and it's the cheapest at the Japanese stores :-P

I would imagine that many of the guys you are talking about use any shampoo, but might pay more attention to the styling product. There are so many brands for guys, but many of the popular styling products (wax and cream) is either Shiseido Uno or Gatsby.

This is just my opinion, but a lot of the guys who have the 'cool' hair are, um, basically unemployable in Japan ;-)

Here is a US site that sells Japanese cosmetics: http://webichi.com
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forgot 1 thing 2008/8/7 12:09
Mod's Hair has many good styling products as well
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Huh? 2008/8/7 14:18
Why are the cool guys unemployable?
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not conservative enough 2008/8/7 16:06
Because many Japanese companies won't hire someone if they don't have a really conservative hairstyle. Anyone whose hair stands out would probably be asked to tone down their style if they wanted to work in an office for an ordinary company.

IF they work in a bar, clothing store or record store or similar, then the hair may be an advantage, but not for an office job.
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. 2008/8/7 19:45
I think Kazuyuki78 have "onii-kei" guys in mind. They are known to have had low school education, which again, doesn't really matter if you're working in a bar.
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ホスト 2008/8/7 22:19
The ''feminine-looking'' men with the ''long bangs'' are probably hosts. In which case, not only are they not-unemployable, but they make more in a month than most salary men do in a year, all for drinking and partying with girls all night.

Sure it's hard on the liver and it isn't a long term career, but then again they can retire and own their own club and quit hosting by the time they're 25, while salarymen will work will into their 60s and probably won't be driving 3 Ferraris.

Just because someone doesn't have a good education or ''typical hairstyle'' these days really doesn't mean anything.

Most of those guys use Gatsby, as mentioned. I think the shampoo is sort if irrelevant, but I think it varies greatly between cheap drug store brands such as Lux, to expensive salon brands such as Kerastase.

Either way if you don't have Asian hair, using Asian products will do absolutely nothing to get you closer to looking like those guys, and if you do have Asian hair I'm sure you're aware that all it takes is a little bit of wax. :P
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. 2008/8/8 01:20
Maybe sarcasm and message boards don't go well together :-)

But yeah, whenever I go back to Japan to visit, I can't help but think a lot of the hairstyles you see in Shibuya are ridiculous. But, that's just my opinion
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Ha 2008/8/8 04:15
Luckily, I'm a viet guy and I do have straight black asian hair :), but unluckily, wax never works for me, cause my hair always find a way to roll back down :(
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forgot to add 2008/8/8 04:19
My hair is semi-medium long. Sideburns are 1 inch below my ears and bangs are eye length and it seems like there are less volume toward the top and front. My face... I was told by two girls when I curled my hair that I looked like matsumoto jun.
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untrue 2008/8/8 07:58
I believe what Sira says is quite untrue. There are many guys working so many different jobs with these kind of hair styles. Also the Japanese public opinion is very midea driven and the mass media has accepted these hair styles as "normal" over the years so unless I'm out of some new loop I think they are employable.
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it depends 2008/8/8 10:20
Hairstyles that are somewhat fashion forward are fine for many companies, it depends on who you work for. I do have a good childhood friend who was instructed on what cuts are acceptable and what are not on his employee training (though it is a conservative company)

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