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souvenirs 2004/5/14 13:29
I'm just wondering what souvenirs there are in Japan that people usually like so i can bring something home for my family
by P.Sykes  

lots 2004/5/14 13:52
How long is a piece of string??? :)

Kokeshi dolls (wooden painted) are popular. Small ceramic bells. Japanese paper. Art Swords. Second hand Kimono. Lacquerware. Wooden bowls.....
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........................... 2007/4/6 09:11
Are there more souvenirs to buy at Narita airport, Terminal 1. Do you think it's more expensive?
Thank you.
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. 2007/4/6 09:29
Yes there are shops in Narita Airport (both terminals) airside and landside that sell souvenirs. I don't recall the price, but many duty free shops, so shop around.
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. 2007/4/6 10:28
If you want something typical, traditional Japanese stuff, I'd recommend to do shopping before going through the passport control. There are many shops within the terminal (both 1 and 2), there's wide range of things.
Duty free shops are good but mainly about those you see at any airports - cosmetics, alcohol, cigaretts...
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.......................... 2007/4/7 22:55
Thanks for the information. Really apreciate it.
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Souvenirs for boys from Japan 2007/8/17 13:15
My 15 yr. old son is going to Tokyo for a week. What can he bring back as gifts for his friends that are boys?
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Kansai International 2007/8/19 02:20
Hi, does anyone know what the souvenir shops in Kansai International Airport is like? Are there shops after the check-in point?
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Toys for the boys 2007/8/19 14:55
Does your son's friends like toys and action figures? There's this toy store just outside JR Ueno Station and right at the edge of the Ameyokocho markets called Yamashiroya. It's pretty crazy. I think your son will find lots of stuff there.

Also, I find it a bit more feminine and tailored to traditional Japanese tastes with respect to souvenirs, but not much more can be said of Oriental Bazaar's wide selection, very reasonable prices, and good scope of Japanese souvenirs. I got some miniature swords (with the intention of them, I think, being used as letter openers) for my guy friends. What boy doesn't like swords?
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Oriental Bazaar 2007/8/19 14:57
Oriental Bazaar is located halfway between JR Harajuku Station and Ginza & Hanzomon Omotesando Station. It's in a green & orange oriental looking building that simply cannot be missed. Don't go there on a Thursday, like I did a few days ago: it's closed on Thursdays.
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kansai airport 2007/8/19 15:25
the best souvenir shops are located before going through the security. The yare located on the same floor as several restaurants, on the 3rf floor. we always buy Japanese sweets, crakers, all sorts of little things that our friends are free to throw out if they don't like them. Not everybody likes "typical" crafts from this country or that one!. the best souvenir shops are any regular department store downtown. Tokyu Hands and Loft have great stuff too. The duty free shops in Kansai airport don't sell anything Japanese, only perfumes and fashion from international designers..
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