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Homestay 2008/8/7 21:12
Hello minna-san,
Can you help me?
I'd be interested into doing Homestay in Japan but as I never did any Homestay,I don't know much about it and haven't got any experience.
So I was wondering whether someone could give me some pieces of information about this topic.
Which agencies organize a Homestay in Japan?
Is there any minimum/maximum of age?
As I still have to go to school, would I also have to go to school in Japan and which other duties would I have to fulfil?
How high are the costs of Homestay?
Is there also the possibility to live with a Japanese adult friend during the Homestay?

If you know any of the answers, I'd be happy if you could inform me about it!!
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!
by Okami  

... 2008/8/8 13:04
Are you a senior high school or junior high school student? If so, please ask first at your school if they have any exchange program with some school/city in Japan. That would be a starting point.
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No exchange program with Japan... (._.) 2008/8/9 20:02

No, my school doesn't have any exchange program with Japan. If they had, I would have already asked them for information,of course.
Anyway, thank you for your response.
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Informations about Homestay? 2008/9/8 00:34
Is there maybe someone who knows a little more about doing Homestay in Japan or knows some addresses of Japanese homestay- agencies where I can ask my questions? I thank for every help! m(_ _)m
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... 2008/9/8 03:43
I can think of a few programs for college students, but if you are asking about minimum age I am guessing that is not for you?
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Homestay 2008/9/8 04:37
One night 2,800 yen
One month 75,000 yen

Actually, Homestay's are organized between school and hosting family.

For example:
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