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Anyone knows the info to this club? 2008/8/8 15:04

I hope someone can help us with this.

We just returned from Yokohama visiting a friend who works at a club called Emerald. This club is near Kannai station area. She is supposed to have left Japan and returned to her home country by now but we heard nothing from/about her so far. The last thing she told us was that she had an accident of some sort and we do not know if she is OK. We know the name of the club is Emerald BUT we do not know the phone number. I am hoping the people on this forum may be able to help out. Thank you
by haizi  

. 2008/8/8 22:46
It sounds like this:

110 Isezaki-cho 4-chome
Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken
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Thank you very much! 2008/8/9 14:27
Hi meringue4

Thank you very much for the information! We will give it a try this evening. Have a great weekend.

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No response so far! 2008/8/10 16:48
Thanks for the help! Anyway, we have been calling and the phone just kept ringing off the hook with no response.

In case anyone has any suggestion, please share with us!

Much appreciated. Have a nice weekend!
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We located her! 2008/8/11 17:57
Hi everyone who shows concern,

We found her finally. Safe and sound. Thank goodness. What a relief. Thank you for all the info and concern!

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