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age of consent 2008/8/8 21:27
what is the age of consent in japan? is it different for boys and girls? what about i am not japanese?
by maria  

Just saw it 2008/8/9 12:50
I just saw this on another thread:


in short, The National age of consent in Japan is 13, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender
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16/18 2008/8/9 14:22
Females can get married with the approval of their guardian, once they're 16. For males, it's 18. For non-marrital sexual relationships, long story.
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,,. 2008/8/9 15:45
Most local governments prohibit sexual acts under 18.
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AOC 2008/8/9 16:25
The link posted by Aaron does contain some extra vital information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ages_of_consent_in_Asia#Japan
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