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Where to buy Japanese Tea Set 2008/8/10 14:24
Hi everyone,
I am going to Japan soon and was wondering where in Japan is a good place to buy traditional japanese tea sets, either ceramic or cast iron (however I believe ceramic would be easier to bring back from overseas).
I will be travelling to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo..

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gifts 2008/8/10 16:14
All the big department stores have one floor with traditional Japanese goods, from kimono fabrics to furniture,to china, pottery, etc. etc. that floor is usually in the upper floors
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Tea sets 2008/8/10 23:02
In Kyoto, various tours stop at shops with all sorts of gifts. They will probably ship it for you too.
In Tokyo, try the Orirntal Bazaar, between Harajuku and Omotesando stations. They will ship, too, I think. I wouldn't carry something like that. Use sea mail. It will take several weeks but it's not as expensive as air.
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Oriental Bazar 2008/8/11 04:10
You'll find good quality tea sets in department stores, but if you find them too expensive, have a look at the Oriental Bazar in Tokyo for some cheaper, foreign made sets:
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