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felony in Japan transfer to america? 2008/8/11 09:20
I was in Japan for a little bit, and my friends sent my some marijuana. I am banned from every coming back to Japan, but I was wondering if that will felony transfer to America and if I will have a caution and have a problem entering other countries like europe or other asian countries.

by taima  

... 2008/8/16 20:46
Drug convictions can make travel difficult. I don't know what the US laws are on crimes committed overseas, but I assume you were deported from Japan as well? It is likely that your passport has been flagged for both the deportation and the drug offense. You can try to visit other countries I suppose but the chances of getting turned away are probably quite high. .
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.... 2008/8/20 15:18
They sent you marijuana? What on earth gave you guys the idea that it would be a good idea to do that?
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well 2008/8/21 11:04
well obviously with a username like "Taima" he probably wasn't exactly opposed to the idea either...
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again 2008/8/21 12:06
i guess his first thread got deleted, this was posted about a week ago too
you need to call an immigration lawyer
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It will be 2008/8/22 02:46
transferred most likely and it is most likely noted already on your US documents if you were really convicted of drug possession in Japan. Due post 9/11 things are a lot different but I am sure even pre 9/11 this kind of thing was well documented back to the US.

I am pretty sure that you will always be a person of interest if and when you travel aboard or they allow you to travel aboard or even domestically.

Some friends you have...
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