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Traditional jujutsu in Nagoya? 2008/8/12 01:05

I am living in Nagoya (specifically Tenpaku ward) and am trying to find a traditional jujutsu dojo to train at (not brazillian jujutsu). Due to my work schedule I would only be able to attend class on weekends.

I find a lot of aikido dojos but I am looking specfically for traditional (koryu) jujutsu.

I have found a few hakkoryu dojos but one was prohibitively expensive (would have cost me 14000 yen a month for one class a week), one only offers classes on weekdays, and the last one... well... let's say the teacher did not seem interested in having me attend.

Any help would be appreciated!
by newtmonkey  

Jiu jitsu........ 2008/8/14 01:58
I asked a similar question a while back. I did not receive on answer. But, if you ask a real stupid question you will probably get a thousand responses. Ashame how this board works. Anyway, I am sure you will find one. I do know of some MMA gyms in nagoya if you are interested.
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