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age restrictions on buying mangas? 2008/8/12 23:10
hey i was just wondering if there was any age restrictions on buying hentai or adult manga in japan and if i can bring i back to canada. i'm 18 and my friends really want me to bring them back some funny stuff lol. anyways if anyone can answer this is would be alot of help. thanks
by shan  

18+ mangas 2008/8/13 10:02

Some of the more explicit stuff is for sale to over-18s only, so you should have no problem.
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Indeed! 2008/8/14 03:34
My friend, (16) just got back from a family trip to japan. She wanted to buy some Yaoi (boyxboy action). In the store, she passed the first time as not being 18, but then she wanted to buy another right atfter, and this other woman kindly asked her age. she said
''18''. when the woman next asked: what is your zodiac sign (Chinese Zodiac) she said sheep! (in 2008 Year of sheep people are between 16-17.)

So even if your ''18'' be sure to have an ''18'' zodiac. i think year of the Horse is 18 in 2008??

Good Luck buying your naughty novels~
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comic 2008/8/14 13:58
You have to select the content carefully.
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