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antic Cafe 2008/8/14 05:18
Hy ILm a huge Cafekko...
any else Cafekko or some one who want to say somethink about Antic Cafe can post somethink...

Has anyone some news?

Please answer whatever you know?

Bye Nyappy I wait for your post....your Nyappy Christin

by loveancafe  

...omg... 2008/8/18 19:36
Why nobody post somethink.....please....

count on you....

Bye nyappy
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.....why? 2008/9/1 03:41
Are there really no
CafekkoLs at this side.......omg.....I feel lonely......why there is no one else....???
So please if you read this.....and you like them.....answer something....please

Bye Nyappy your waiting Christin
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Antic Cafe 2008/9/1 06:55
I enjoy Antic Cafe also. I was fortunate to see them at a live and enjoyed it so much. I work with other bands which are japanese and I respect the guys of Antic Cafe. I wonder also if anyone else here on this board likes the band?
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finally.......nyappy 2008/9/1 22:11
Jippie...you make me nyappy........Thank you.....

thank you s much.....your Christin
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wee 2008/9/1 22:39
I love the guys in Antic Cafe to
ther music is really grate. But I am having problem findig information in Englich about them can anybody recomend some websites to me, pls.
- fiffi
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oh.....nyappy 2008/9/1 23:23
Oh Yippie.....I could give you some news....ILm german but can speak english very well and have lotLs of informations.....Do you want to mail with me?....I would love to.....here is my mail:


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Nyappy again 2008/9/2 01:10
weee so Happy but ther is a problem I can't make my e-mail to work (noooooo) so I will post my e-mail and hope that you can write to me. anybody else that really likes Antic cafe to can also write
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