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Johnny's Entertainment Truth? 2008/8/14 05:53
so you really have to be in the fanclub to purchase tickets?, and if you want to be in the fanclub you need a japanese address?
by UchiHirokiLove  

sad but true 2008/8/14 09:15
yes, to get tickets to any johnny's concert you have to be in the fan club. it seems kinda pointless to become a fan in america or any other country right? because we'll never see them live. :( despite this, they always fill up stadiums
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well 2008/8/15 02:04
sure it'd seem pointless, but maybe you if study abroad it'd be worth it?
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actually.... 2008/8/15 02:13
...you can also purchase tickets on Jticket (http://www.jticket.jp/p/index.html) though some Japanese knowledge is probably needed to navigate - I don't know, I only just scanned it. I went and saw 2 JE concerts this summer and I'm not in any fanclubs either, but managed to get some awesome tickets through connections. Jticket tickets won't be great though especially in dome sized venues, but it's better than nothing right?
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really?! 2008/8/16 01:30
that's seem too good to be true, which 2 concerts did you see? like the bands? they didnt check id's?
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... 2008/8/16 14:02
I saw Arashi concerts, which was a dream come true for me. But they don't really check IDs. I'm Asian looking though, but even my friends who were clearly European didn't get checked so it's mostly okay, especially if the people are just trying to get another 50,000 fans into the stadium :P
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