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Johnny's Entertainment Merchandise? 2008/8/14 06:29
Okay, starting to get alittle frustrated, I have found sites that give merchandise but only like those stick things to hold during a concert, and cds. But I want to know a site where I can buy posters of JE Idols and not just posters but other things like that, calenders, you know normal idol stuff. Official!. Also I want to know a site or if such a thing exists of clothing for JE bands?.. like shirts that say ''news'' or something? I love JE and bands such as NewS, Kanjani8, Kat-tun, Arashi, Tackey and Tsubasa and Tokio. Help Please! :)
by UchiHirokiLove  

sorry to say... 2008/8/14 09:17
you're probably going to have to make the clothing yourself. sucks, i kno. japan manages to still be really isolationist, and johnny's is like a fortress. if we cant even get into the concert, we aint gettin no shirts.
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hm.. 2008/8/15 02:05
well i wont give up , haha, thanks for your help, actually i was planning on making some myself, i guess that could work i have photoshop, it wont be hard
thanks again
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try this site 2008/9/3 06:33
take a look at this site...

that should be exactly what you're looking for
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arigatou! 2008/9/4 23:49
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Try this? 2008/9/5 04:12
I don't know whether one of the sites you've already looked at is Yesasia.com, but they sell some merchandise, even Johnny's stuff, I did a quick search for "news" and a lot of stuff came up. Admittedly, a lot of CDs, but they also have calendars, and maybe posters? I think some photo books too. While I saw some Japanese pop star merchandise, I'm not sure how much of it is Johnny's. You'd have to do a bit of searching, I assume, but you might find something you like?

Hope that is useful at all!
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Nakano Broadway 2008/12/1 23:39
not sure about websites, but if you happen to come to Tokyo, there's a shop called Treo in Nakano Broadway which sells second-hand celebrity stuff including posters. there's a separate Treo store for Johnny's stuff (which pretty much says there's a lot to choose from!).
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