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Zepp Nagoya area map? 2008/8/15 21:55
We're going to visit a concert in Zepp Nagoya.
I'd like to know how the area in the hall is structured so that we can find out where our places exactly are. Is there any map of the floors in ZN?
by Feli  

. 2008/8/18 19:44
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Zeep on Osaka 2008/8/23 05:26
I would like to go to a concert at Zepp Osaka.
I'd like to know where is the building (in romanji) and how can I get there from Shinsaibashi.
In adition to this, due to I can't understand the web site to buy the tickets on line, I would like to know if there is another way to purchase tickets.
Finaly, could you provide me the email adress of Zepp Osaka and Zeep Tokyo?

Thank you very much for your attention.
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Site for tickets 2008/8/23 06:25
You can buy tickets at www.fdjp.com. There we did get our tickets from. They will ship it to you.
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