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Outlet - Which one is worth going? 2008/8/17 00:47
I will be at Osaka, Kobe & Tokyo and would like to know if it's worth visiting the outlet. If so, which one will be worth going?

Mitsui Outlet : http://www.31op.com/english

Gotemba : http://www.premiumoutlets.co.jp/en/gotemba/access/

Kobe Sanda : http://www.premiumoutlets.co.jp/en/kobesanda/

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outlet 2008/8/18 14:21
I have been every outlet store Gotenba and Kobe and Mitui(tokyo).In my oppinion, Gotenba outlet is bigest and good for shopping place.but little bit too far from tokyo and not good taransport.If you have enough time,you should go Gotenba and dropp in Kawaguchi lake or Fuji mountain.
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how about... 2008/8/18 15:08
i've been to both gotemba and rinku town outlets. rinku town outlet is nearby to kansai airport. smaller compared to gotemba.

gotemba is way bigger but its a lil bit far.if u r planning to go to gotemba, and early start is best!

it all depends to your interinary!have fun shopping

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Gotenba or Mitsui? 2008/8/18 15:09
I heard Gotenba's is good to visit. Big and cheap.
For all I know, Mitsui-outlet-Iruma (Saitama pref) isn't good enough.
Because its transportation is inconvenient (you need take a train and a bus). I'd been there 2times but it was by car. But this one is closest to Central Tokyo.
FIY Outlet-shops in Japan doesn't discount so much.


A free shuttle bus service from Musashi-Fujisawa sta. is operated ONLY in WEEKEND, until 31th Aug.
(sorry for Japanese site!)
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Outlets 2008/8/18 15:56
Thanks everyone for sharing! Seems like gotemba is more worth going. How long does it take from Shinjuku to Gotemba outlet?

How about kobesanda? It's much smaller than Tokyo outlet but worth going?
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bus 2008/8/18 22:42
depend on traffic jam..but usually take it 2hours from tokyo to Gotemba. you should use express bus from tokyo station to Gotemba outlet directly. may be $20-$25 one way.
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Rinku Premium Outlet 2008/8/22 16:55
Due to limited time in Tokyo, we have decided to go for Rinku @ Osaka instead. Can I check how long should I plan my time at the outlet?
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