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Supermarkets 2008/8/17 19:23

I am looking for local supermarkets with cheap groceries like tibits, instant noodles, seasoning etc.
Is Jusco the best place to go, or can someone advise other stores?

I will be in Shinjuku, and i understand that such supermarts are usually in suburb area. Can someone advise me where and how to go to the nearest such supermarts from Shinjuku?

Thank you!
by Apple  

. 2008/8/18 19:50
Don Quixote

Sanpei Store

There are a few in Yoyogi/Minami-Shinjuku area too.
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. 2008/8/18 21:41
Don't overlook a regular, 100 yen store. There's a 100yen store inside the Pepe Shopping area of the Shinjuku Prince Hotel.

Just head to the Pepe portion of the Shinjuku Prince Hotel, (next to Seibu Shinjuku Station), 8th floor, look for signs that say 100 yen shop.

Pretty much you can find drinks, instant noodles, snacks and most other food tidbits you might need, all for 100yen (105yen with tax).
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. 2008/8/18 21:47
Don Quixote, is sorta of a jack of all trades type of store that has a market section, the one in Shinjuku (NOT THE ONE next to Kabukicho, but the one back in ShinOgikubo/Shinjuku) has a large food section, but if you already find yourself walking back there (Korean area) there are neighborhood markets and such as well.

But if you just want instant noodles, drinks and stuff on the cheap, you can petty much get the same stuff at the 100yen stores are competitive.
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