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is Mt. Fuji dormant, Dead, or active? 2004/5/17 07:13
i really need to know because of an essay im doing. on volcanoes. Especially Mt. Fuji and it being dormant dead or active.
by emily  

dormant 2004/5/17 09:08
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what type of volcano is Mt. Fuji? 2005/1/7 09:53
dear emily,
i am doing a volcano project too...Mt. Fuji is a dormant volcano.

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Vulcano type 2005/1/7 17:53
Mt Fuji is a stratovolcano, otherwise known as composite volcanoes.

It might be fun to point out that Japanese people don't refer to Mt Fuji as Fuji-yama, as popular believe has it, but Fuji-san. The "san" is written with the kanji for mountain and should not be confused with the honorific "san" which is used in names. :-)
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Active 2005/9/9 06:54
A good case can be made for calling Mt. Fuji an active volcano.

"There is no consensus among volcanologists on how to define an active volcano. The lifespan of a volcano can vary from months to several million years, making such a distinction sometimes meaningless when compared to the lifespans of humans or even civilizations. For example, many of Earth's volcanoes have erupted dozens of times in the past few thousand years but are not currently showing signs of activity. Given the long lifespan of such volcanoes, they are very active. By our lifespans, however, they are not. Complicating the definition are volcanoes that become restless but do not actually erupt. Are these volcanoes active?"

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Active 2005/9/9 06:59
"The most recognizable mountain in the world, Mt. Fuji is one of the symbols of Japan and at 3,776m it is the country's highest mountain. Although it has lain dormant since 1707, it is still classified as an active volcano."

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Boom 2005/9/9 16:23
And did you know that the last time it erupted was from the side of the mountain, now called Hoeizan(?) Pron: hoe-ay-zan, clearly visibly as a large crater. If you ever climb it i think you would agree it is dormant but sense there is more going on underneath than meets the eye!
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dormant 2007/8/15 02:19
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active- it's official 2007/8/15 07:59
It might look dormant to you, but officially it is considered an active volcano. Part of the reason for this is that a few years ago there was a swarm of earthquakes around the mountain which suggested it was going to erupt. It didn't, but volcanologists consider it to be still "active, with a low risk of eruption" (from Wikipedia).

There are different levels of active, a volcano does not have to have lava spewing out of it to be considered active.
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st. Helen's 2007/8/15 08:05
if anyone can recall Mt. St. Helen's. She was dormat for the longest time.. and then she blew her top off.
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Does the fact . . . 2007/8/15 09:53
. . . a mountain emits those sulfur fumes, e.g., Owakudani, Mt. Esan, Sakurajima make it an 'active' volcano? How would one characterize the three aforementioned places?

I recently visited Mt. Esan near Hakodate, which I had never heard of before. It has a tow real nice areas where sulfur fumes are emitted. I just followed a road to a 'park' and found the area (no gift shops, but a huge parking lot and modern bathrooms). The thought did cross my mind: could this place erupt?
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try searching 2007/8/15 14:36
Google and Wikipedia are really helpful with this kind of thing. I just Googled "Mt Esan" and the first result said "Mt Esan is an active volcano". Sakurajima certainly is, it sprinkles Kagoshima city with ash every so often. The other one I don't know, but I could find out pretty quickly...

As for whether the mountain would erupt while you are on it, these days scientists are able to predict eruptions well in advance. They can't pinpoint exactly when, but things like the mountain starting to bulge and swarms of earthquakes in the area tell them that an eruption is highly likely. If the mountain was in this state then you would not be allowed anywhere near the crater, rest assured.
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How is it Dormant? 2007/12/12 22:42
Ok so we all know its dormant, but what makes it dormant? How do we know it wont come back alive or anything?
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no 2007/12/13 11:27
there are no more definition of 'dormant'. we haveonly two types active or extinct.
Most mountains in Japan may be active including Mt.Fuji. Many geologers expect some possibility of eruption of Mt. Fuji in the future.
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active 2007/12/13 12:21
it's still considered active
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It's active, for the third time... 2007/12/13 13:45
It's not dormant, "How is it dormant"- did you read the posts above yours??

As for how we know it's not going to erupt tomorrow, volcanoes almost always give a lot of signs that they are about to erupt- small earthquakes, bulging of the slopes, steam eruptions etc, weeks or months before an eruption happens.
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IT'S ACTIVE 2008/4/11 04:56
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whew 2008/4/11 05:17
Someone please give Samantha a smoothy and calm her down.
The entire region around Fuji is a volcanic area, but Fuji is dormant at present. Dormancy is often a retrospective term; If a volcano erupts, then obviously it was dormant and not extinct.
It is believed that Vesuvio was "dormant" (although at the time few realized it was even a volcano) for about 1200 years prior to 79 AD. In 62 AD the area around it, including Pompeii, was rocked by severe earthquakes, but at the time no one realized this was the first step in an eruptive process. The rest is history.
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Mt Fuji is dormant 2008/4/11 05:35
Mt Fuji is definately Dormant.

If you look up dormant in a thesaurus you will find it means, Inactive, Sleeping, Resting.

It could well become active again in the future, I hope not before May 14th when I will be there and I doubt that very much, but for now definately dormant.
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Active 2008/4/11 06:04
Dormant is a relative term. In terms of your lifetime, yes, it's dormant. In terms of the volcano's lifetime, it is still very active.

For instance, Yellowstone Park is basically a huge 40 mile wide collapsed volcanic crater. It last erupted over 600,000 years ago. Yet it is still active in terms of hydrothermal (hot water) activity, earthquakes, and even movement of magma beneath the surface. It, too, could erupt tomorrow, or may not erupt for another 10,000 years or more. (It tends to erupt on 600,000 year cycle.)

Fuji has erupted 16 times since 781. That's about once every 60 years or so between 781 and 1707 (the last eruption). So, I would say it's long overdue.

This 2006 article from National Geographic http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/07/060717-mount...
says that all the recent seismic activity around the volcano could mean that magma is moving beneath it. They, too, think it is still active.

Having said all that, they are monitoring the volcano so extensively that most likely they (and the mountain) will give you ample warning.
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