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What does Busaiku mean? 2008/8/19 13:32
I know it means ugly but is it a strong/vulgar word? My Japanese friend taught me it.
by Rakugaki  

little bit strong 2008/8/19 15:33
Busaiku word is often used betweeen young generation.this word is very storong and vaulgar word. If you used this word for other people, they will get angry. Be careful
by YUJI rate this post as useful

Busaiku 2008/8/19 15:57

I would disagree with Yuki's comment above. While it's (probably) not something you would want to be called, it is not a vulgar expression nor even slang. Recently I hear "busaiku geinojin" used a lot on TV to describe comedians (male or female) who are not particularly good looking and who make fun of their looks in their acts - such as the Harisenbon duo.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

not vulgar especially 2008/8/19 16:32
That's a word that has been used for long time, also old people use it. It has Kanji "不細工", not a vulgar slang of young people.
As you know, this means "not good in appearance". Of course you need to be careful to use it.
"Busaiku geinoujin (ugly TV personalities?)" is a recent *trend*, they're pleased to be called so because that's just their *character*. It is needless to say but you may not call someone around you "busaiku" easily. Whether it's strong or not? It just depends on a situation.
by ..... rate this post as useful

... 2008/8/19 17:36
"Busaiku" literally meaning "non-craftsmanship" is used to mean the ugliness of a facial figure. It is not used to mean facial expressions such as "ugly smile" nor it is used for other uglinesses such as "ugly scene". It is used to imply that a face, for example, has a nose or cheeks or eyes that are shaped in a not-so-beautiful way.

Now, I can't imagine anyone being told that the shape of his or her face is "ugly" and not think they just heard something vulgar and strong. But "busaiku" is not something like a four-letter word or a word that would be covered with a beep if accidentally mentioned on air.
by Uco rate this post as useful

clowns 2008/8/19 17:40
Oh, two posts came in while I was posting mine. Well, I might as well add that the comedians aren't exactly "pleased" at it, but they enjoy playing the role of the short, fat and ugly poor little underdog, because people would laugh at them, and being laughed at is their profession.
by Uco rate this post as useful

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