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Figure skating or ballet shows Tokyo 2008/8/19 19:24
I'll be going to Tokyo from 22-27 August.

1) Being a huge fan of figure skating, I was wonderng if there are any figure performances I can check out while in Tokyo? I'm not looking for ice rinks to skate in, but shows to watch.

2) I was also wondering about any recommendations for ballet performances and how to buy tickets. THanks!
by suntynia  

... 2008/8/20 11:54
Well, both figure skating and ballet are out of season in August. I found that Tokyo Ballet has a show (Don Quixote) from August 20-24 and that Asami Maki Ballet has Romeo and Juliet from August 22-24.
I suggest that you should check a ticket center/counter near your hotel as soon as you arrive in Tokyo. If you're lucky, you may be able to find a ticket...
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Ticket counter for ballet? 2008/8/20 18:32
Hithanks for your reply. May I ask where I can go in Shinjuku to buy these tickets?

Also I was looking at the ticket prices...can someone please explain what S and A prices are? Thanks again!

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... 2008/8/20 19:42
If you're in Shinjuku, the easiest place would be a ticket center in Keio Department store. It's on the ground floor and left to the main entrance.

S is the best seat and A is 2nd best. You can check the seat when you buy a ticket.
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ok 2008/8/20 19:47
Thank you!
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