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Head Porter Bags 2008/8/20 10:31

Can someone advise where I can find Head Porter Bags? I will be staying in Shinjuku and will be great if there's a shop nearby. Thank you!
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bags 2008/8/21 05:57
did you check the previous pages from a few days back? this is one answer I found: Porter is everywhere
Yes it is a common brand in Japan. Pretty much every department store in any large city in Japan carries it. Marui, Tokyu Hands etc.
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tokyu hands shinjuku 2008/8/21 08:01
As mentioned, Yoshida kaban 'Porter' bags are widely available. I've found that The Tokyu Hands store in Shinjuku has a great selection of Porter and bags in general.

You may also find a bag there that costs less, but you like better. happy shopping
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. 2008/8/21 10:15
Thank you!

Can I know approximately how much would a porter handbag cost?
Is the Tokyo Hand easy to find in Shinjuku?
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. 2008/8/21 14:14
Yoshida Kaban (Porter) makes so many bags that there is a wide range in prices.

Head Porter label should be around a maximum of 30,000 Yen, with most being less (it depends on what you want, of course)

You can also go to this japanese online shopping site and see the price ranges: http://esearch.rakuten.co.jp/rms/sd/esearch/vc?sv=2&c=2836&s...
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tokyu hands 2008/8/21 14:25
Yes, it's very easy to find

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