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are japanes men attracted to black women 2008/8/20 13:55
are japanese men attracted to black women.
i a black woman from america and im going to teach in japan for a year so i went to japan a few months ago where i met a really nice japanese man but i cant tell if he like me. i complments me and we went clubing in japan. he even visted me in july. i dont know are japanese men attracted to black women. im ready to try something new but i cant find asain who feel the same way
by mickie11118  

Generalizations 2008/8/20 14:48

Are black women attracted to Japanese men? Some are, some aren't, and some aren't bothered either way by skin colour.
Rather than worrying about what some mythical "average Japanese person" might or might not think, just go out and enjoy yourself, as you are sure to find to someone who likes you as a person.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

just say... 2008/8/20 17:00
im a japanese male, and i think ''NO PROBLEM''.
by 980 rate this post as useful

yes some are 2008/8/20 19:36
Depends on the Japanese guy though. My bf is Japanese and we have been dating for almost 8 months now. He looks like a regular salaryman but likes Motown music, soul food, and dancing--he can't dance very well but that's ok, I can't sing and he can. Still we have a lot in common. We have had ups and downs but for the most part we really love each other. I guess it depends on what you are looking for in someone and vise versa. I asked him why he's dating me and he said I have a beautiful smile, I always care about other people, and I'm different from his exs. Now granted he has dated other Black women before, but he said they were all different from me. He thinks Japanese women are beautiful but he says ethnic women are more interesting b/c they are of a different mind and culture. So for now I'm happy.
I did date two other Japanese guys before him, but only for a brief time. One was really hip-hop gangsta rap type Jguy, who was looking for a Beyonce type girl to show off. The other was pretty cool, but slipped up at dinner once and I found out he was married! He didn't think it was a big deal, so I walked out the restaurant and left him with the bill.
But with any nationality of men, there are jerks. So be careful, have fun, and you will probably meet a cool Jguy!
by kel rate this post as useful

yes and no 2008/8/20 23:37
I think there is an undertone of black is beautiful, but it only goes so far in a friendship
by Joan rate this post as useful

... 2008/8/21 17:59
I've answered similar questions before, but I'll have a go again just for the fun of it.

Japanese men are people just like the rest of us. Some people like to date african-americans, some don't. Some people have a specific race/races that they are willing to date and other people don't factor race into it.

The question you should be asking is probably not about Japanese guys liking black women. Some specifically do, some specifically don't and some don't care either way. The real question is whether this specific guy (who happens to be Japanese) likes you (who happens to be black.)
by sora da yo rate this post as useful

the truth 2008/10/1 21:01
Japanese men and black men are all the same. They are men. No matter the color of the skin a man is going to be a man. The best thing you can do is ask the guy if he is interested in you. I am in the military station in atsugi, and i dated mostly black women my whole life, but when i came here i wanted to try something new. I dated the asian women, although i didn't like it, at least i tried it. You will never know unless you try. And the is the truth
by javid benson rate this post as useful

Sweet 2008/10/2 14:11
That's really fantastic.
I wish that you'll try best to make relationship with him.
Definitely, American African women really attract Japanese guy!
by hijiken rate this post as useful

It Depends On The Man 2008/10/5 19:07
I would say that first, you need to try to connect with a man that shares your interests, goals, and value system, no matter what race they are.

Second, if you concentrate on that, I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a nice Japanese man to build a realationship with who simply likes you for you, regardless of skin color.

I would suggest start by expanding your circle of friends. It's very easy to join pen pal sites where you can make online friends from Japan. I've found that if you're a combination of brutally honest and specific about yourself, your interests, your goals, desires, you will attract like minded Japanese men.

The key is to become friends first with people, without pressuring intentions. The rest will happen naturally if it's meant to be. But first at least make a step to make new (platonic) friends: curiosity, desire, or faith without effort will only bring you level zero results.

By the way, I am a black woman happily involved with a loving, attentive Japanese boyfriend, long distance, for over 1 1/2 years. Despite distance, or diffrence in nationality, we are pretty much "on the same page" in how we think about things. So in the end everything works out just fine. Compatibility, respect, understanding, and compassion are the glue which holds us together quite strongly as a couple. yes, there are Japanese men attracted to black women...good luck on your search, because they're definitely out there!
by bella24 rate this post as useful

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