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Good books from a foreigners perspective 2008/8/20 14:44
I've been looking for good books on Japan written by foreigners that have the same feel as "Hokkaido Highway Blues" by Will Ferguson, or "Lost Japan" by Alex Kerr. Basically non-fiction books that account a foreigners travels in Japan. Any suggestions? If you know some fiction ones, go ahead and name those as well!
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books 2008/8/21 02:30
GLIMPSES OF UNFAMILIAR JAPAN by Lafcadio Hearn,published by the Charles E. Tuttle company (editor specializing in books about Japan). My copy is from 1996. Hearn is a 19th century writer, Irish-Greek, studied in France, lived in the USA then Japan. His books are still published and amazingly one can still find many of the sites he wrote about in several books. I visited one of his home in Matsue and his tomb in Tokyo.
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books 2008/8/21 02:39
try these - I enjoyed them:
Looking for the Lost - Alan Booth

Road to Sata - Alan Booth

Learning to Bow - Bruce Feiler

Inland Sea - Donald Richie

Traveler's Tales Japan: True Stories - Donald George - this is a collection of many exerpts and has a list of several books in the back

I think you've already found one of my favorites - Hokkaido Hwy Blues.

Hope this helps.
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another book 2008/8/21 02:42
I forgot one - 36 Views of Mt. Fuji - I'm sorry, I don't have the author - this is another good book.
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Re: Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan 2008/8/21 04:02
This is one of those books where the copyright has expired in many countries and it can be downloaded as e-book from many locations legally: http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/8130

Otherwise I would recommend "Dogs and Demons" by Alex Kerr. I noticed that you already read "Hokkaido Highway Blues" by Will Ferguson; it is one of my favourite books about Japan ^_^
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books on japan 2008/8/21 04:24
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Thanks! 2008/8/21 14:05
Thanks for your recommendations! I have Dogs and Demons and will be reading that one next...
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Cyclists view 2008/8/21 16:53
These are very good idiosyncratic books about travelling Japan by bicycle.
The Sun in my Eyes and A Ride in the Neon Sun.
Both by Josie Dew
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Nicolas Bouvier 2008/8/21 21:19
There is also Nicolas Bouvier's "Japanese Chronicles". A Swiss writer who travelled and lived in Japan in the 50's. It was written in French but there is an English translation.
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