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Taking Pets to Japan 2008/8/22 02:59
I'm working on a plan to head to Japan to teach English and I have only one major issue. I own a cat who I love to pieces and I'm worried about what to do with him. He's a quiet and loving cat and I don't really have someone who could take good care of him here in Australia.

What do you think I could do?
by christicehurst  

Cats 2008/8/22 11:00
Taking him into Japan could be difficult (i don't know how their laws apply), but bringing him back to Australia could be near impossible considering our quarantine laws, the cat may need to spend an extended time in quarantine (months).
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pets into Japan 2008/8/22 12:52
With enough preparation you should be able to take the cat into Japan. Research the Japanese Quarantine procedures on the internet - I'm sorry, I'm not in a place where I can search out that website for you - for the exact requirements. I don't know the status of rabies in Australia; Japan has declared itself a rabies-free nation. Because of this, pets coming from other rabies-free countries have an easier time getting in, while animals from non-rabies-free countries (such as the U.S.) have to be micro-chipped and have a rabies titer test 180 days before travelling. There are also numerous forms that have to be submitted in advance. If you truly want to bring the cat, go ahead and do it, just do the homework.
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Useful info 2008/9/3 11:27
These website might be useful to you. The first two are companies that will help with transporting your cat, including sorting out quarantine.

This is a pdf about quarantine regulations. Japan-Australia.

Hope this helps!
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... 2008/9/3 18:45
I'm happy to know that you have a plan to come to Japan. But aside from quarantine, you have to note that it is not easy to find cat-OK apartments in Japan. Though things are getting better for per-lovers, many landlords are still reluctant to allow tenants to keep dogs/cats (especially cats)in their rooms. And even if they say it is OK to keep pets, they often ask you to pay extra (ex. 3-month deposits instead of 2-month) to pay for more cleaning/damage repairment after your leaving. I'm writing this not to discourage you but just as a fact. I really hope that you'll have a good help from your employer. (I also own a cat!)
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more tedious than difficult 2008/9/4 09:09
I brought my dog to Japan from the USA, which is a not a rabies-free country. The Japanese love their paperwork, so there was a lot to fill out. However, the animal service was actually the most efficient agency/business I've dealt with since I've been in Japan. When we got to the airport, her (my dog) quarantine lasted a whopping 30 minutes while everyone went through the paperwork.

I believe it is the same for dogs and cats: the animal services can hold your pet up to 12 hours, *if*, *IF* your pet has completed their quarantine period in the home country, then it would be for up to the full quarantine period for your pet in the home country. For the USA, it was 180 days. So, my dog stayed in the USA for 180 days before coming to Japan.

There were zero problems finding an apartment that allows pets. My rent was increased by 1000/month because of the dog. I've seen hundreds of dogs and cats in Tokyo, so I think it's pretty common. In my neighborhood alone, there's at least ten dogs. It was actually easier to find an apartment that was ok for dogs than it was for foreigners!

I believe I had to pay an extra month deposit for my dog.
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in general... 2008/9/4 20:30
There were zero problems finding an apartment that allows pets.
I see, then, real estate market for foreigners may be a bit different from one for Japanese.(I am Japanese) But, generally speaking (and also in my own experience), finding house/apartment which accepts cats is not easy. A lot of places that say they will accept pets will, in fact, only take small dogs as landlords tend to think cats will scratch everything. However, there are a few places that accept cats. All I can say is to start looking early and contact multiple agents. Good luck.
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Quarantine 2008/9/4 23:13
Dr Bob, the only quarantine for your dog was that she had to remain in the US for 180 days before being transported to Japan? It wasn't necessary for her to be quarantined (as in kept inside away from all other animals) for 180 days?

That's good to know. I have been thinking about job hunting in Japan and would never be able to leave my border collie behind if I moved there. But after reading information about the procedures to transport a pet to Japan I was worried about the possibility of my dog (who is up to date on all shots) having to be quarantined for 6 months. That would probably drive him crazy.
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quarantine 2008/9/5 09:11
I don't know about cats, maybe the landlords think they do scratch everything. I would have thought it would be easier to find an apartment with a cat, but I've learned not to make any assumptions since coming here.

I'm the only foreigner in my local area, and there's dogs everywhere.

As far as the quarantine goes, in the USA, the dog needs 2 rabies shots, among other things, but the 180 quarantine is the incubation period for rabies, so after that time, they can be considered 'rabies free'.

The quarantine though, just means 'don't go anywhere'. My dog was out running around at the dog park like a maniac, as usual, during her quarantine.

This is why it's critical not to bring the pet over before the quarantine is up. The animal services can legally quarantine your pet, for real, and you have to pay for it.
by Dr Bob rate this post as useful

Guide to Taking a Cat to Japan 2008/11/4 11:22
I am planning to move to Japan with my cat next year, and have researched how to go about it.

I wrote up my findings in a little guide on my website:
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