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Shima Kosaku? 2008/8/22 11:48
I want to know about this business-man manga character. Can someone summarize him a bit, and his significance in society (level of popularity, contentious issues raised etc.).

Also, I live in Japan, where could i buy a manga with him in it?

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. 2008/8/22 17:35

You can find English version of this manga in some major bookstores.
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thanks but... 2008/8/24 17:37
I actually first found out about Shima Kosaku through that article and I was hoping to get a little more information.
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????? 2008/8/27 11:36
Does anybody know anything else about this manga? I am quite curious to know!
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wanting to help 2008/8/27 14:31

Maybe it would help if you ask your questions more specifically so that potential posters won't have to read the whole article and guess what else you need to know.

Of course, I assume you've already Googled and Yahooed and checked all the numerous articles about this character.
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thanks Uco! 2008/8/27 15:15
Sorry for being vague in my question, but Im actually just looking for a vague answer. I am not so much asking about the particularities about the manga, rather what hes thought of by Japanese people generally. Do business people actually read it? Do only business people read it? If something happens in the manga will people talk about it as "water cooler" conversation at work?

Also, living in Japan with only basic Japanese skills I ahve never bought a manga before. But since I am curious about this Shima Kosaku character I was wondering if he is in one of the massive multi-coloured tomes I see people reading on the trains, and if so which one. Otherwise, how is it read?

Hope I am being a little bit clearer in my question. And thanks for trying to answer!
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thoughts 2008/8/27 17:06
Well, if you live in Japan, probably the best way to find out the answers to your question is to ask your colleagues or the locals around you.

But I can say this. As you may know, like many countries, Japan is full of entertainment. If a character in Sex And The City does something, do all New Yorkers talk about it? I don't think so. Same thing with Shima Kosaku.

However, the Shima Kosaku series have been transformed into a movie and several TV dramas with all-star castings. So the population of fans in total is indeed huge and "Morning" magazine itself has been read among many male office workers. You may have noticed them in the the trains in the pre-cell-phone days. Kenshi Hirokane as well is an award-winning manga artist who is also known for his political and economical comments on TV news shows and "wide shows". His wife is an equally popular and intelligent manga artist whose works have become top-notch "trendy dramas".

In any case, as it was in many Western countries around the world, during the 70s the "salary-man", moreover a kacho class salary-man, was the least popular profession for the youth; the profession considered the least creative, the least active and the most un-cool. Mr. Shima broke that stereotype.
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