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Want to buy gold from Japan 2008/8/22 16:25
Hi ,
Can anyone tell me , is it worth buying gold ornaments & jewellery from japan ? Is it cheap as compared to India?

I know there is 18 carat gold in japan & 24 carat in India but still is there a big difference in buying from here?
Also from where can i go for buying?

Please suggest!!!

by libra  

Goldfingers 2008/8/23 04:50
I am not being sarcastic there,I only want the original poster to think about what he/she is saying! What is the chance of anything being cheaper in Japan, one of the richest countries in the world, than in India? usually jewelry is sold in jewelry shops. Gold ingots are sold in coins, currencies and bullions shops.
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... 2008/8/23 17:11
Libra, since we don't know the price in India, will you tell us the ballpark figure? Then you can compare the price of two countries. In general, however, as the previous poster mentioned price in Japan is higher than that in other Asian countries in many cases. And the price of jewerly is not necessarily linked to the amount of gold.
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Thanks 2008/8/27 11:07
Thank you for the replies. In India it is 24 Karat gold 10 grams for INR 11000.

P.s:I am talking about gold jewellery like ring, necklace, earrings, bangles and not about gold ingots .. i hope i made it clear...
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