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Sumo in September? 2008/8/23 07:34
Hello everyone.
Does anybody know if there are any Sumo tournaments in Tokyo in September?
If yes, will it be possible to buy tickets on location, or do i have to order them in advance?
Thank you for your help.
by Th0mas24  

... 2008/8/23 11:16
A quick search for "sumo" on Google or this site would have answered your question very quickly:

Yes, a tournament is held in September in Tokyo. Here are details on the tournament and how to get tickets:
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Thank you very much for your help. 2008/8/24 05:06
- just what i needed.
Any idea if "ringsside" or "arenatickets" are the best.
(surely ringside brings you closer to the action, but it seems like you are sitting "lower" than groundlevel.

Any recommendations?
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seats 2008/8/24 07:47
Actual ringside seats, i.e. in the first few rows, are quite hard to come by from what I hear, although it may be possible. They are lower than the dohyo (ring), but certainly offer the best view, and also the best opportunity to have a flying 150kg sumo wrestler land on you! You would also be seen on TV quite a lot as the cameras often focus on the judges and other wrestlers who are sitting in the front rows on each side.

The authentic sumo experience is to sit in the masuseki- the tiered areas on the bottom floor behind the ringside seats. Many of these are higher than the dohyo. For both of these areas you would need to be comfortable sitting crosslegged or in a similar position for quite a long time, which can be hard if you don't usually sit on the floor.

My friends and I usually go for the next floor which has theatre style seats (and is much cheaper). You still get a reasonable view and it's easier to get up and walk around when you want to without disturbing others too much.
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.... 2008/8/24 19:03
Thank you for the advice Sire. I will see whether i can get "Masuseki-seats" or not. I havent thought about the fact that we have to sit crossleged. Still as i understand from their website, you pay for the seats for the whole day, so i guess it's possibble to get out and stretch out if needed.(?)
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