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Japanese wedding prayer 2008/8/24 04:42
I want to make a wedding sampler for a special young lady with japanese heritage and would like to include a traditional wedding prayer or wish or symbols. thank you for your help
by alice  

. 2008/8/24 13:20
There is no tradition of this in Japan. Just get a heart felt gift would be my advice :-)
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well.... 2008/8/24 13:28
this means congratulations on marriage in japanese, if it helps. maybe you can have it put on a card?

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this is best 2008/8/24 13:35
sorry to post again ;-)

this is 'go kekkon omedetou gozaimasu' and would be the most polite, which you should use: ご結婚おめでとうございます.

It just means 'congratulations on your wedding', basically. Use this- there are no prayers that would be said by guests at a wedding, and this phrase is standard
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... 2008/8/24 14:52
I may be wrong but I think OP is searching good design for cross stitching.
1)Shiromuku (white kimono for a bride, meaning "innocent white")
2)Hina dolls
(I suggest you to change color from blue to red)
Crane, Mizuhiki or fan is also related to the wedding.
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. 2008/8/24 18:56
I was imagining that the OP was trying to make a short footage and want to include something along the lines of the san-san-kudo.

Alice, you need to explain your intention and plan in more details.
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Japanese Wedding Prayer 2008/8/25 04:25
Yes, I am looking to put something onto a counted cross stitch picture that would include well wishes in Japanese for the couple's future. thank you.

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kotobuki 2008/8/25 23:31
Oh! Then 寿 (kotobuki) is the letter and word you're looking for. It's a Chinese character that means congratulations and is typically used upon weddings.

The following is a list of images of the letter.

Among them, this is neatly written.

This (the red part is the letter) is artisticly written.

You might want to keep in mind that the combination of red, while and gold is congratulatory. Avoid a black frame.
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