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gift 2008/8/25 15:22
Dear all,
I plan to gift hand mirror to a Japanese friend (in her 20's). Consider I give it without any note of explanation. Is it ok or any taboo to gift it? or any implied message according to custom? Just being cautious as I don't have any message other than friendship.
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message! 2008/8/26 11:23
Huh?! You give something without any message? It's strange!
Are you a guy and is she only a friend?
If the mirror is very pretty by decorations or is traditional craft, she suppose to be appreciate for that. Even if so, need some message.
I think it's quite rare but some ppl think giving a mirror means "hey, watch carefully your face" in bad meaning.
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... 2008/8/26 13:00
Thank you M. it was just 'considering', if it implies strong message when comes alone according to japanese custom. Any further information from japanese traditional would be highly appreciated.
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some additional infos 2008/8/26 16:19
I suppose young ppl doesn't think of meaning in gifts so deeply. However, sometimes they gets confused with why he/she gave it.
Most popular thing is handkerchief means 'good-by'. And white one is used for funeral (aside from a relation between 'handkerchief and funeral' for now).
Ring is used only among lovers (it's perhaps same in whole world). Generally, giving the woman accessories from the man means love.
But you must be careful first of all that Japanese tend to give back something as an appreciation to your present. So, you'd better not gift her an expensive thing. She'll be worried about that.
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