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Appliance Repair in Tokyo? 2008/8/25 15:56
Hi all,

Does anyone know of a reliable and trustworthy appliance repair person/company in Tokyo?

I bought a secondhand washing machine and fridge in March, but both currently are acting up, and need to be checked. An English-speaking or Japanese-speaking company/person is fine, as long as they won't try to rip me off.

Any help appreciated. Thank you!
by Finn  

ask old neighbor 2008/8/25 23:39
I don't have any specific recommendations, but in Japan, there usually is a sort of a "machi-no-denki-ya-san" the electric appliance shop around the corner so to speak, who has been handling things in the neighborhood for decades. Skills vary greatly, and often larger stores are able to make better deals, but at least they won't "rip you off" meaning they don't cheat on you.

Ask an old neighbor for recommendations.
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manufacturers 2008/8/25 23:40
Needless to say the original manufaturer can always handle repairs.
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In addition... 2008/8/26 07:14
If I were you, I would call "service center" of the manufacturer. They can arrange repairment service for you. But often, it is more costly to repair the appliance than to buy a new one especially when it is old. Most manufacturers keep original parts only for several years after they stop selling the product.
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Thank you 2008/8/26 07:27
Thank you Uco and JLady. Good to know that most places seem to be reliable.

I'll try to get a quote from my local denki-ya.

Thanks again.
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