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Buying trendy clothes in Japan? 2008/8/26 05:09
Hi guys,

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the cost of cool clothes in Japan is like compared to elsewhere?

I have this (possibly misled) idea that one of the things about Japan is that it's home to some really seriously stylish cats and I thought it might be cool to bring back a T-shirt or something.

I just wondered what the cost of quite trendy clothes is like out there? I suppose I'm thinking along the lines of stuff in the range of, G-Star Raw, Box Fresh, Diesel, Super Dry, Obey etc. (maybe.. Evisu but only if it's like a million times less expensive than it is the uk : P).

Just to give you a rough idea of what I'm comparing it to (if you're not like me and from the UK), clothes by the sort of labels that I listed above are about twice as expensive in the UK as they are in the US.

Also, could anyone tell me where there are cool shops in either Kansai or Tokyo that sell cool Japanese urban fashion (shoe shops included)?

As always, thank you very much indeed,

Dan : )
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actual prices? 2008/8/26 10:51
I'm not from the UK or the US, like many people who look at this site, so I'm still not clear on the kinds of prices you mean! Can you give us an idea of what you consider cheap/ expensive in pounds or USD?

I think you will find the cost of brands like Diesel and G Star Raw to be quite similar to in the UK. I have an idea Super Dry isn't available here yet because it is the name of a popular brand of beer here and so is a marketing problem for them.
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expensive 2008/8/26 11:06
I know for a fact that Diesel is quite expensive in Japan. Also, why go to Japan to get things you could easily get at home?

Just go to different department stores, like Tokyu , Seibu, Odakyu, Mitsukoshi, and browse and see if you like anything. Also, Daikanyama, Ebisu and Nakameguro have many shops of Japanese designers.

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. 2008/8/26 11:07
Also, if you are young, you might want to check out Parco in Shibuya. You can find it on a google search
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ideas 2008/8/26 11:25
Well, I just bought a "trendy" vintage T-shirt for less than 2000 yen.

Perhaps you're aiming for Japanese designer brands. There are dozens of famous Japanese designers who are regular members of the Paris Collection. Those would be good souveniors but they are super expensive. You can get them at department stores.

Of course you can always walk down alleys like Ura-Harajuku where there are lots of "indies" type local designers' shops. Take a look at Ura-Harajuku's official website and click around "Urahara Shopping" for photos and prices.

There is a similar area near Daikanyama Station on the Toyoko Line. Ask for Ura-Daikanyama.
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another question 2008/8/26 12:41
I'm wondering what sizes are available for trendy clothes sold in Japan. Do you have to be rail thin to fit into them?
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size and shape 2008/8/26 16:00
Depends what you consider rail thin, but for the actual Japanese-designed clothing shops (i.e. not Diesel etc.) then certainly no bigger than the average Japanese person.

In women's clothing shops there are often only 1 or 2 sizes available. I am fairly thin but 5 foot 9 (174cm) and have more of my weight in my hips and butt than your average Japanese woman so trousers/ pants and anything long-sleeved don't really work on me. Short-sleeved tops are fine, as I'm small in the upper body.

Basically the closer you are to the shape of the average Japanese, the more you are likely to fit the clothes here.
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depends on your style 2008/8/26 16:02
I was in Takeshite St. in Harajuku this last March. I found t shirts to be about the same in comparison to shirts in the US. between $20-$35, I got jrock t-shirts for my niece, but I got a designer skirt for roughly $120 from a well known Japanese designer. Sizes though I would sugest looking 2 sizes bigger or if possible try stuff on. I bought some shirts for my self that i had to pass on as gifts as they were still to small. I wear a XL-XXL depending on maker here in the US.

Hope this helps, and have fun.
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Thanks very much 2008/8/26 16:54
Hi guys,

Thank you very much indeed for all the replies, it's really helpful : )

The sorts of T-Shirts I would be after probably cost about $30 US and twice that in the UK!!

It's funny about 'Super Dry', I actually thought they were a Japanese label! Their stuff very often has Japanese writing on and references to Japanese cities.

Anyway, thank you very much again,

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should have been more specific 2008/8/27 05:59
Hi Dan

I'm guessing you will be a first timer to Tokyo, and I just realized I should have been more specific. When I said to go to Daikanyama, Ebisu and Nakameguro, those are the names of neighborhoods and no the names of department stores, like I mentioned above that. Sorry!
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Thanks 2008/8/30 06:23
Thanks Kazuyuki : )
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