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What is my japanese pants size? 2008/8/26 15:18
my boyfriend is buying me pants in japan (im a size 8 in juniors) and im a little worried that he might get something to small is there anyway for me to know what size pants i would fit in japan?
i think i might be a 28?
by emkakashi  

does this help? 2008/8/27 06:03

Just try several pairs on, and remember, you have to take off your shoes before entering the majority of Japanese dressing rooms.
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oops 2008/8/27 06:55
Sorry, forgot about the part where he will buy them for you. Maybe have him get one size larger to be safe. Hope this works for you
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try metric 2008/8/27 10:52
measure the waist & length of your favorite pants in cm. with those 2 numbers he should have no problems finding the appropriate size for you.
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. 2008/8/28 03:12
you are a 71 cm in Japanese sizes, however, all designers/companies have slightly different sizes and cuts, no matter where you are in the world. something between 71 cm and 76 cm may very well fit you....
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japanese suit size 2008/9/29 18:31

i would like to make new suit for my japansese friend. His size is AB5, Can you please tell me what size it is compare with standard? thanks
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judajuda, 2008/9/29 19:11
"AB5" is not really a "size" but a guideline only suggesting the typical "build/style" of Japanese men with height of 165 - 170cm, with waist size in the range of 83 - 85cm.

With men's suits it will be extremely difficult to get it right unless you get precise measurements of different parts... "AB5" only indicates the overall body build, without any indication of shoulder width, jacket length, sleeve length, inseam, chest, etc., not to mention the different style each manufacturer has!
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