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Where to buy deodorants in Japan! 2008/8/27 02:31
Hi, I am male and live in Tokyo but can't find decent deodorants in Japan. I found out they sell it at drugstores, but they are mainly thos stinky sprays...

If anyone knows any place where one can buy foreing brands deodorants and perfumes, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you very much!

PS: I know internet can also be a solution, but I would preffer to go to the place, see and smell what I am buying.

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heheh 2008/8/27 10:56
There are two places I know of.
Costco, which requires a 5,000~ membership.
There is also a place called the "Foreign Buyers Club" in Kobe.
But I am pretty sure you do not want to go all the way to Kobe just to buy deodorant.

I am sure there is a Costco in Tokyo. If you are willing to put down the initial 5,000~ you can find a lot of foreign products there, including deodorant.
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Sprays 2008/8/27 11:34
Consider yourself lucky those stinky sprays such as "axe" are now available (this for men anyway). For years I had to get deodorant sent to Japan coz apparently they've only started to smell when they sweat. Years ago the best they had was a lemon sented spray that faded away as soon as you used it. I'm sure FBC has what you're looking for if you can't put up with the "stink" of yourself and or the spray.
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costco 2008/8/27 12:03
you can find some deoderents at costco. i had the same problem and i ended up getting my brand shipped from the states. At costo they have gillette three packs. You might also be able to get them online through through the foreing buyers market.
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internet 2008/8/27 12:10
its the foreign buyers club, here is a link http://www.fbcusa.com/eng/

If you want to go smell it foryourself i think costco is youre best bet, but from what i recall they only had one brand.
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. 2008/8/27 17:53
What do you mean by stinky? If you mean heavy musky perfumes, would a citrus or fruit based deodorant be any good. There are two brands for men that are refreshing, Gatsby Powder Cool Citrus and Mens Biore Refresh Citrus. Also check New Ban Clear Citrus. These are not very heavy scents and I'm sure at least one of these brands has a "neutral" deodorant spray.

You might also check out Diaso, I found some small own-brand lemon and an own-brand citrus sprays that had very little scent at all.
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This question 2008/8/27 18:29
This question stumped me for about a month. I also had the same problem and went all around looking for non-spray deodorant. I ended up going with this Gatsby deodorant that's liquid but it's roll-on. It feels pretty refreshing upon application and I recommend it highly.

I don't think Costco is worth 5000yen only because in my past experiences back home, I would get membership and maybe go there about once every 6 weeks or so. Shopping for my family, I doubt I ever came close to saving the membership fee. If anything, if you have a family that has Costco membership back home (overseas), just have them add you to their account for $20 and mail you the membership card!
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everywhere 2008/8/27 19:38
I used to use the Ban roll on that can be found at most stores including conbinis. Now I use 8x24. Both were effective on me including the non-scented version.
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Costco 2008/8/28 08:27
There is a Costco around Tokyo, and another in Yokohama.
Costco is worthwhile if you are prepared to buy some bulk items, and I think it's worth the joining fee.
Many things are cheaper there, and some things are not, so it's best to know your prices.
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... 2008/8/28 10:57
you can also purchase online from costco through go between companies. You pay a little bit more but there is no membership required and more importantly, you don't have to travel to costco. I use http://www.theflyingpig.com but there are others out there. Here's the deodorants they currently have available:

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Deodorants in Japan 2008/12/14 14:20
Deodorants are available in the costco (makuhari) Chiba, Japan.
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.. 2008/12/14 21:07
What's wrong with Axe? and they sell it pretty much in every drug store. it smells good and work well.. you don't need membership to Costco neither long trips..

I usually buy axe and a perfume, and they work very well.
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