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Good Business Cards Store in Tokyo? 2008/8/27 17:45
Hi there,

I'm gonna go over to Japan/Tokyo mid September for a Working Holiday i.e. I will be looking for a job once I'm there.

Does anybody know a decent store in Tokyo where I can get Business Cards in English/Japanese?

Also...I'm not quite sure what to write on them...can't possibly do ''looking for ANY job'' ...? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Thanks heaps :)
by Claudia  

... 2008/8/28 12:27
I know there're people who carry a business card with the name of their pet/children so that they do not have to write down their e-mail address/phone number everytime they are asked.

Having said that, it seems a bit strange for me to carry a business card without a job title/company name.

I understand that your intention is to let other know your name/contact so that they'll get an interest in you. One idea is to list up what you can do as a professional, such as, "teaching English","Japanese-English translation" and so on. Putting the picture of you may invite an attraction. If you are not sure what you can do/want to do, make it simple with your name and contact number.

You can order name cards at various shops.
Also if you bring your PC and a printer, you can easily make them on your own. Papers are available at electri appliances shops, such as, Big Camera, Yodobashi and Sakura-ya.
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. 2008/8/28 15:37
It would be strange to give a potential employer a business card that is blank or doesn't really list an occupation.

All your contact information would be filled out on resumes and application forms for any job you seek, rarely will employers ask for a business card for interviews since all that information should be included on your resume/cover letter and application form.

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cards 2008/8/28 15:37
I agree with JLady. There is nothing as humiliating as handing out cards that say you're an unemployed nobody.

Normally, people hand out a _resume_, and if they like the resume they'll hire you, and THEN the employer makes name cards for you (on their expense, of course).

Otherwise, you make a name card showing what you regularly do _professionally_ and hand it to people to imply, "This is what I do. Call me if you're looking for a professional."

If you want to make friends, you just say, "Hey, can we exchange email addresses?" or write down your number on her coaster.
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Whoops 2008/8/28 15:39
I must look dumb accidentally sliding in while John was posting a better message :)
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Ah...thanks guys! 2008/8/29 06:17
Thanks for your info guys, very helpful...so it looks like I'm gonna make a couple of different cards having different job titles on them...at kinkos...sweet!


Regards, Claudia
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Vending Machine 2008/8/29 14:40
There is a vending machine in Shinjuku Station West Exit where one can print business card instantly. The machine has few samples/ templates, so it is needless to worry about design and graphics.
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