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Shopping mall near Togo 2008/8/27 22:54
My son is teaching English in Togo, near Nagoya. He just moved in last week. He needs to buy a bicycle, towels and other things for his apartment. Is there a shopping mall near Togo?
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used to live in Midori-ku 2008/8/28 12:09
manya, I think the best answer would be to let your son ask his neighbors in the apartment. I know that there're numbers of big supermarkets, which you can consider as a shopping mall, in Midori-ku, near Togo. But if your son does not have a car, it may be difficult for him to reach them.
Apita in Tokushige
Seiyu in Midori-Kuroishi
Ito Yokado in Narumi
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... 2008/8/28 12:11
And if that is the case, one option is to go to the central part of Nagoya (Sakae, Nagoya station and so) and buy necessary things. He can ask the staff to send a bicyle to his apartment.
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