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Work in japan with adobe certificate 2008/8/28 17:02
If i have a adobe master certificate can i find something to work in japan in Print, design, web domains

I plan to go in japan in the next year
I know japasese well enouth for leaving there but i will study more

This year i want to take TEOFL certificate maybe that will help me
by makushin hitori  

well.. 2008/8/29 04:02
How long did you study for that certificate? I believe if you want to work in Japan, you should at least have a bachelors, unless you do in which case, you can apply with companies.

Did you say you are planning on taking the TOEFL? That's an English based test as tests your knowledge of the English language. It's probably won't help you too much in Japan. You should take the JLPT which measures your ability in Japanese and will help you greatly.
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Have JLPT 2008/8/29 15:01
I had JLPT 3 Kyu and this year i am going to pass 2 kyu
Technically speaking, if i have some experience there is no problem applying in this domain. Thanks for your answer
I worked 2 years as web designer i used a lot adobe programs(Photoshop and flash programming). thst should be an advantage i think
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J company requirement 2008/8/30 10:37
J companies tend to require too high working skill or experience when they hire an employee.

For example, all of my friends from abroad say my English is almost perfect, but J companies said it was so-so when they checked it and some didnt accept me(now i work for an international trading company)

Of course, they are not too stupid to prefer and accept a Japanese worker anytime rather than foreingers. Good Luck.
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. 2008/8/30 13:59
The reason he asked years is many employers for Immigration purposes want a Bachelors degree, so do you have one?

Is it possible to get a regular work visa without a bachelors degree, yes, but you have to go through extensive immigration checks to get one, I find that most people get their work visas though just having a bachelors.

Getting a job in your domain might be easy in your home country or elsewhere, but Japan is a whole other beast when it comes to job hunting for foreigners.
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Yes I have bac 2008/9/1 14:34
I heve a Bachelors degree and 2 Universities degree One in law and one in financial -bookkeeping and IT (that is written on my degree diploma)
with this threat i want to know what i lack to have a chance getting a job in japan
Thenks for your answer I have an ideea what to do next.
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Edge 2008/9/1 15:13
i want to know what i lack to have a chance getting a job in japan
I have been working abroad in IT now for some 25 years (not in Japan) and from my experience and experiences with others is that you need an edge that puts you apart from a local employee with the same skills. Employing a foreigner, the hassle of sponsoring a work visa, communication problems, etc, are obstacles that the company needs convincing of that they are worth doing. I have no idea to what extend the adobe master certificate will help in this area, your edge might be the design of English web design for the corporate web pages and in that case a TOEFL might help.
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